A Winter in the Fog of War

Repeatedly threatened by Russian airstrikes targeting civilian infrastructure and homes, the people of the Ukrainian capital face a long winter full of uncertainties and a future that no one can predict. Kyiv, since the outbreak of the Russian full-scale invasion, has been a symbol in this war: of Ukraine‘s resilience, suffering and success. There are currently several important voices saying that Russia will again try to take Kyiv with a large- scale attack in the coming months, which puts further psychological pressure on the population. The photographic work documents protagonists across society:  Soldiers returning wounded from the front, civilians enduring the cold winter, despite destroyed energy infrastructure. Young students who now pick up a gun for the first time in training, feeling guilty that their friends have been fighting and risking their lives for months. People who are living in constant uncertainty because relatives or life partners are in Russian captivity, without contact to the outside world. The price many Ukrainians are paying for their freedom is high.

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